Release notes for Swift Explorer.


  • Upgraded JOSS version (fixed connection problem with Hubic).


  • The problem with performance when uploading segmented files has been addressed (#49).


  • The problem with the hubiC login that has recently surfaced and that is reported in issue #45 has been temporary fixed. In all likelihood, this problem was caused by some unannounced changes in the hubiC’s servers.
  • A few enhancements (e.g., #38 and #40).


  • The problem with large files management (segmented objects) described in details in issue #25 has been fixed.
  • Various improvements and minor bug corrections.


  • Lazy loading () of the directories has been implemented, that should greatly improve the perceived performances. Furthermore, the need for memory should be in general considerably reduced (further details can be read in the description of issue #18).
  • A major problem with the re-authentication (required when the token has expired) has been fixed (suggested in issue #26).
  • A mechanism that is supposed to prevent the computer from sleeping while an operation is on-going has been added (issue #24).
  • Divers enhancements and minor bug corrections.


  • A new function that provides the user with a means of comparing local and remote files (and directories) has been added. Options to handle discrepancies are given (e.g., it becomes easy to equalise a local and a remote folder). This addressed the issue #14.
  • The error reporting function has been improved (issue #15).
  • The robustness of the upload function has been somewhat enhanced, see issue #7.
  • The interface now offers the possibility to stop the ongoing operation. Further details and remaining issues are discussed in issue #8.
  • The computation of the hash value of segmented large files is now drastically faster (by a factor of a few hundreds).
  • Various improvements and minor bug corrections.


  • The segments of a large object that might remain, should the object be overwritten by a smaller object that has less segments, are now deleted (issue #11).
  • The problem with overwriting existing objects has been fixed (issue #10).
  • When uploading a large (segmented) object, if some segments already exist (e.g., from a previous, probably unsuccessful, attempt), they will not be uploaded again (issue #9).
  • The default behaviour of the file chooser dialog is now what is commonly expected (issue #5).


  • The tree view now retains its expansion state when removing/adding new nodes (issue #2).
  • The problem with deleting directories (an error 404 was occurring in certain conditions) has been fixed (issue #3).
  • The problem with downloading some directories has been resolved (issue #4).
  • Various minor enhancements.


  • Progress monitoring has been greatly improved.
  • Large objects support () has been significantly revised.
    Segments of segmented large files are now stored in another container, and the segmentation size can be specified by the user.
  • Various minor enhancements.


  • First release.