Frequently Asked Questions about Swift Explorer.

■ I need a new feature, how to request it?

We recommend you to use the dedicated Github’s issue tracker.

■ I have found a bug, how to report it?

Please use the the dedicated Github’s issue tracker.

■ The transfer of my very large folder has been unexpectedly interrupted. Can I resume the transfer?

Basically, yes (modulo the segment size used when splitting a large file, which is by default 100MB). You just need to re-transfer the entire directory to the same location. The files that have been already transfered will not be transfered again.

Concerning the large objects that are segmented, all segment objects that were successfully uploaded will not be uploaded again.

Further details are given in the post Uploading Large Directories Using Swift Explorer.

■ Why there seems to be a mismatch between the reported size of my container in the status bar and the size I believe it should have?

Well, a rational explanation surely exists. Take a look at this post Understanding the Size of Containers.